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Assam Tea socks

Riihivilla Ukko, natural black (0915), 200 g
Riihivilla Aarni, dark natural black (0909), 50 g

Tension: 20 - 22 sts = 10 cm
Needles: DPNs according to your hand to get the tension

The stitches have been calculated using 20 sts = 10 cm, and the circumference of foot 22 cm, calf 35 cm, below knee 31 cm. The sock width at the calf is in this way 32 cm. In places (ankle, foot) the sock is knitted a bit tighter, as the sock stretches in wear. The knit stretches and loosens in use in those places and the sock shortens a bit, so the length of the sock can be somewhat generous: when trying on and measuring, avoid stretching the sock lengthwise.

Stripes: alternating brown (3 rows) and black (row count increasing)
brown: 3 rows
black: 1 row
brown: 3 rows
black: 1 row / sum of two previous black stripe rows

br 3 rows, bl 1 row
br 3 rows, bl 1 row
br 3 rows, bl 2 rows
br 3 rows, bl 3 rows
br 3 rows, bl 5 rows
br 3 rows, bl 8 rows
br 3 rows, bl 13 rows
br 3 rows, bl 21 rows
br 3 rows, bl 34 rows
br 3 rows, bl 5 rows

Note: carry the brown yarn behind the high black stripes: take the yarn behind the brown yarn every 3 - 5 rows at the end of the row.

st, sts = stitch, stitches
r = row(s)
k = knit
p = purl
k2p2 = k 2 sts, p 2 sts
tog = together
ssk = knit together: slip 1 st, k 1 st, slip the first st above the knitted st
e. = every, for example e.2.r = every second row
x = times

Cast 60 sts loosely with the black yarn. Join, and knit tightish in k2p2-pattern 56 r (use smaller needles if needed), about 14 cm stretching a bit widthwise.

Continue in stockinette stitch and begin stripes. Increase 1 st on 11th r (in the end of the row, that is in the end of 4th needle, to the 2nd last st), 1 st on 16th r (in the beginning of the row, that is 2nd st of 1st needle). Increase 2 sts on 22nd r as earlier (= 64 sts).

Decrease on 42nd r 2 sts (1 st in the beginning and in the end of the row: k 1, k2tog, knit, ssk, k 1) and repeat every 4th r, in total 10 times (= 44 sts). Continue stripes until the leg is long enough. Knit using the black yarn after the leg.

Sts evenly divided on 4 needles, 11 st on each. The end of the row is between 1st and 4th needle.
Knit sts on the 1st needle, leave sts of the 2nd ja 3rd needle waiting (22 sts). Continue in reinforced stockinette.
Pattern: Turn, slip 1st st and purl (22 sts, sts of 1st and 4th needles). Turn, repeat *slip 1 st, k 1*.
Note: slip the 1st st on every row.

When the heel has 31 r, knit 14 sts from the right side in the pattern, ssk, turn (6 st left). Continue in pattern and repeat *knit 7 sts, p2tog, turn (6 sts left). Knit 7 sts, ssk, turn*, until sts at the sides have been knitted together to the middle heel edges and 8 sts are left in the middle.

Continue in stockinette stitch. Slip 1 st, k 7 sts ( = heel), pick 15 + 2 sts at the edge of heel (from which 2 sts are picked at the corner between the heel and the leg), knit sts of the 2nd and 3rd needle, pick 2 + 15 sts at the edge of heel, k 4 sts (the middle of heel and the end of the row) (= 66 sts). Decrease at the end of the 1st needle k2tog and ja ssk in the beginning of the 4th needle (= the outermost picked sts): 4 X e.2.r, 2 x e.3.r, 4 x e.4.r (= 10 decreases), (= 44 sts).

Continue in stockinette stitch until the little toe is completely covered.

Decrease by knitting the 2 last sts of the 1st needle tog (k2tog), the 2 first sts of the second needle (ssk), and decrease in the same way at the end of the 3rd and the 4th needle. Repeat the decreases 6 x e.2.r (= 20 sts), then 3 x e.r (= 8 sts). K 2 sts, the yarn is in the end of the 1st needle. Cut the yarn, leave a good length and join the 4 upper and 4 lower sts using kitchener stitch. Fasten off.

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